Artists Abstract Art Gallery of Original Abstract Artworks Direct from the Artists Studio.

This artists abstract art gallery is full of original abstract artwork direct from the artists abstract art studio that bring colour, life and imagination alive.

Click on any image in the sidebar to discover the brilliant artists abstract art gallery of original abstract artwork created by the British Artist MJo-art.

All the Paintings in this artist gallery offer a diverse range of unique artworks in vibrant oil paint on canvas, bringing the raw power of colour and emotions alive for your home or office that define you as an individual, setting you apart from the crowd.

The best abstract art is not an accident. Neither It is just the unplanned happening, the best Art is the coming together of knowledge, skill and faith. Abstract art falls into three main categories all of which are equally valid.

1) Emotional ;  A visual response or an expression of the world around us.

2) Physical ;  The artist allows the media, to follow it’s natural path without any clearly defined ideals or views.

3) Composition ; An arrangement of shapes and colours which  convey purpose or meaning.

For the artist MJo-Art quality original abstract artwork come from the heart and is the simplicity of shapes lines and tone that define a subject, all the clutter and confusion is stripped away leaving the just the pure feeling exposed. Its like being up close and personal, so that the object or state of mind is revealed in its raw and basic essence. The forms, shapes and colours are in a sense a rendering of the subject as it might appear in the minds eye without confusion or clutter.

The best abstract painting is simplifying the world or the objects within it. It is separating the component elements and attitudes within a subject and including only those parts that are of interest or value to the artist.

This Artists Abstract Gallery brings your world alive with dynamic Colour, simplicity and the beauty of a single line. Abstract art becomes the creation of the purely beautiful. Be that the pure elegance of geometry or like music the patterns of sounds that blend and harmonise so with painting the patterns of shape, form, colour and line create the melodies we get lost in.

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Make your Home Original.

Abstract Artwork direct from artists studios define you as an individual and brings colour and life into your Home. Just click on any Abstract Art image to find out more.

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abstraction hot embrace Breeached defence vertigo rock painting abstract oil painting Intrigue #1 inside clamour of aspect Solid void confined in darkness forest fire untiteld abstract torrid embrace the shape of things to come dark blue and black painting bold abstract painting DSCF0248 the thinker DSCF0161 The moment DSCF0317 kectchup abstract expressionist painting